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About the Zanger Company


The Zanger Company is delighted to be celebrating 30 years in business, 28 years as direct authorized importers of authentic Polish stoneware and Polish pottery from Ceramika Artystyczna.

The Zanger Company, under the nurturing guidance of Gloria Smith, has opened its doors to all lovers of Polish stoneware or Polish pottery. Our customers are treated to the widest and most diverse selection of Ceramika Artystyczna Polish stoneware available. Besides our warehouse location in Suffield, CT, The Zanger Company provides Polish stoneware to many independent retailers of Polish stoneware across the United States.

Our success depends upon fostering and strengthening very personal relationships with the cooperative members of Ceramika Artystyczna in Boleslawiec, Poland.  Here the artists draw upon their love of nature, traditions and family as their inspirations for their award winning artistry.  Interestingly, the majority of the cooperative’s members are women.  It has become a community of family members with mothers and daughters working side by side at the factory.  The cooperative’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and state of the art firing techniques is second to none.  Each piece of stoneware is still painted with hand-cut sponges, as many as 14 per pattern decoration, harkening back to the original folk art tradition of potato stamping.   By paying such careful attention to detail, the finished piece of stoneware is a unified reflection of the artist’s initial vision.  Only after that, is it shipped here to the United States and offered by The Zanger Company.  The beauty of the art truly transcends culture.  It is timeless.

Besides visiting our warehouse location, our website offers the same professional service for your convenience.  Many of our Polish stoneware collectors became acquainted with Gloria on the shopping channel, QVC where she highlighted select pieces of stoneware for the viewing audience.   This foray has significantly broadened the awareness of Polish stoneware throughout the country.  Gloria's personal commitment to the cooperative and the stoneware was demonstrated through her thoughtful presentations and displays.

Gloria Smith is still personally involved in every aspect of the day to day operations of The Zanger Company.  Each piece of stoneware that leaves the building has been personally inspected by Gloria.  She has a keen eye and personal love for art, architecture, gardening and beauty that she willingly shares with her friends in Poland and here in the United States.  She is a tireless but quiet supporter of those things she holds most dear.  It is this very personal commitment you see reflected in every aspect of her professionalism.  Gloria and everyone at The Zanger Company feels her customers, the artists and their finished stoneware deserve nothing but the very best.
Thank you for loving Polish stoneware from The Zanger Company and Ceramika Artystyczna.